+44-3300-881388 info@vitell.co.uk

For many years we have been plagued with calls from people trying to sell us everything from advertising space, seats at conferences, equipment and a whole host of things neither we nor our customers have any use for. Our numbers are on the Corporate Telephone Preference Service (cTPS) list and we should be receiving absolutely no unsolicited telephone calls at all. Quite frankly, if a company is happy to break the law in calling us, we do not want to do business with them regardless of what they are selling. Almost without fail, these calls originate from systems which hide the caller’s telephone number.
Since we very rarely recieve legitimate business calls from withheld or unavailable numbers, we have taken the decision to block inbound calls where the caller chooses not to send a valid caller ID.
Of course, there may be important calls we miss and for this reason, we do not block any calls to our 08717038877 number. The standard BT rate for calls to this number is 10p/min, however we will call legitimate callers back at our expense.
We are pleased to be able to offer ACR (Anonymous Call Rejection) to all our customers – we can simply play a message, just block the call or do something a little more clever if required.