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Vitell are pleased to announce that we hope to be able to offer nationwide 100M internet services by April 1st 2009. These services would be aimed at business and include some service level agreements, resilience options. In addition, they are likely to be “unlimited” usage packages.

The current indications are that we could offer 100Mb bearers by fibre to the premises and offer bandwidths from 1M to 100M on them. We will also be able to offer 1Gb bearers. Customers should be able to increase bandwidth as required without having to have a new fibre installed. There are also likely to be some “Ethernet first mile” services provided over multiple copper pairs that are cheaper and quicker to install.

The service will also include options for dedicated uncontended bandwidth between sites as well as a straight internet connection to the internet.

We expect services to be available from 1st April, and expect them to be available to around 90% of business addresses at that time.

Prices will depend a lot on location and committed bandwidth, but as a rough guide you would be looking at an annual cost of around £10K for a 10Mb symmetric unlimited use. (On 100M bearer which would enable you to upgrade to higher speeds later). As an indication, if you downloaded 10Mb/s flat out 24/7 that is about 3TB a month usage.

The fact that Ethernet services can be installed so as not to share infrastructure with broadband services, it is therefore sensible to have (a) broadband line(s) as a backup.